Industrialised: Art in Manufacturing in the Gallery

INDUSTRIALISED, Art in Manufacturing in the Gallery, part of The National Festival of Making, opens at Blackburn Art Gallery (15th June - 15th September 2019).

‘Kate Haywood’s purposely precarious ceramic works have their material properties in the foreground, with the artist creating hung pieces comprised of impossibly linked ceramic loops and scattered, strung components isolated without any obvious, practical use, being at once foreign and yet familiar in their wall-mounted formations.’

‘Industrialised is an opportunity to recognise the powerful links between manufacturing industries and artists. Artists have continued to rely on the skills of fabricators, forgers, casters and welders to realise their creative works and place them in the public view. Artists from Lowry to Rauschenberg have been heavily inspired by the visual imagery of factories and the humanity of the industry working inside them. Industrialised is a showcase of contemporary artists and current approaches to working with, or reflecting on these same subject matters, and in this we can see a new set of social commentaries on industries deeply resonant effect on global and local politics, social structures and our environment today.’

Alex Zawadzki from The National Festival of Making and Curator of Industrialised

Kate Haywood, Kolo, 2014, 200x64x11cm (detail 1) High Res.JPG