Born in London, Kate lives and works in Cardiff and Kent. She is a graduate of Camberwell College of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Notable awards include the Fenton Arts Trust Scholarship, the Future Lights International Ceramics Competition and a medal at the 56th Premio Faenza, International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art. Kate has been selected to take part in the Crafts Council Hothouse scheme this year and will attend a residency at National Glass Centre Residency, Sunderland.




Often referencing aspects of ritual, ceremony and adornment, Kate Haywood’s work explores our relationship with objects and how they can allow us to form and trigger memories.

Material and process is combined to create a non-verbal dialogue. Visual clues are generated from specific combinations of colour, form and scale. Individual components evoke readings which are multi-layered and material qualities are intensified when viewed in relation to a range of contrasting physical traits.

Works are contradictory in nature, playful yet sombre, tactile but austere, familiar and unfamiliar. Function is always suggested but never fully resolved. These ambiguities permit an open reading and allow Haywood to explore ways in which poetic structures can function visually.