Manchester Art Gallery Commission

Last year I began a new research project with Manchester Art Gallery and the Mary Greg Collection of bygone objects. From the many strange and beautiful objects I handled I was most struck by a set of 12 Elizabethan roundels, their patterned surfaces were still so fresh and vibrant I felt I as though they were bridging time.

The Roundels were used at the end of banquets. Selected guests would be presented with sweetmeats, served on the plain underside of the  sycamore rounds, after eating the delicacies the roundels would be turned to reveal lavishly pigmented imagery and a biblical inscription.

Taking these forms as a starting point I've developed a commissioned piece which will be shown alongside the roundels, and other selected works, in a solo exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery this year (PV: 22nd February 6-8pm. Exhibition: 23rd February - 7th October )

The images below show the roundels and works in progress.