The Language of Clay

New year, new work. I'm delighted to have been selected to take part in the second series of The Language of Clay. I'll be developing new forms over the year and will showcase them at my opening show in Ruthin Craft Centre, February 2019.

'The Language of Clay is an ongoing project that celebrates the diversity of accomplished ceramic practice. It presents new bodies of work by selected contemporary ceramic artists with studio practices in Wales. ' 

'The project comprises touring solo exhibitions. These are accompanied by interpretation material, publications, a handling collection and participatory programmes. Through project activity, we hope to reveal the delights of clay and the enormous significance of ceramics in our lives. '

'The three artists whose work we’ll enjoy in this series, Justine Allison, Ingrid Murphy and Kate Haywood, are specialists in ceramic practice. For each of them, clay is the primary material, one that they know fundamentally well and each work with in inimitable ways.'

'Balanced between functional and sculptural, Justine’s practice brings us precious porcelain vessels that capture the light. Ingrid has fun pushing the boundaries of technology in her work. Integrating ever-advancing technological resources into her ceramic forms, Ingrid uses familiar items to uncover histories and narratives. Kate creates meticulous sculptural forms. Her conceptual practice is research driven and methodical. Combined with an elegant aesthetic, the precision of her process makes her work poetic.'

Ceri Jones - Curator

Kate Haywood, Amulet, 30x28x32cm, 2016 (porcelain, silk, steel, gold leaf) Photo Credit Christopher Stock 4.jpg