Hoard Exhibtion - York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery

3rd August - 3rd December

Coin weights shining under a rock in a river. Once nestled inside a woven glove. Placed in speed, the textile rots, is washed away. The metal remains. Held by gravity and the memory of a net. Waiting to be found. Given new contexts, new values, new stories, new meanings. What do we lose and what do we find over time as contexts shift and owners change.

‘Hoard’ actively explores our relationship with objects and how we read them as they knit together with our own personal experiences and narratives. These lost contexts and ambiguous  groupings offer the potential for poetic forms to emerge.

I'll be visiting the space throughout the exhibition period to re-group and re-assemble the forms, blending further elements and materials to offer a series of possible final readings.

Visitors are invited to create their own versions of these artefacts in the gallery space to add to an ever growing public hoard of offerings.