Made to Measure

20th January 2016 - 9th March 2016

I'm exhibiting work in the 'Made to Measure' exhibition at Lotte Inch Gallery in York.

                              Volta, 170x16x4cm,

                              Volta, 170x16x4cm,

Contemporary Responses to the Art of Tailoring

In it's previous incarnation, 10 Bootham, the home of Lotte Inch Gallery, was a much loved, family-run tailors shop - C.E. Seymour Tailors. Inspired by this heritage and drawing from the tradition of the master tailor, six contemporary artists offer their own interpretation of all that pertains to the term tailoring.

The fabrics, materials and tools used in the creation of a garment are given a new lease of life and a new set of meanings, via the hand of the sculptor, the lens of the camera and the lead of the artist's pencil. 

Showcasing a selection of work from six talented artists working in very different mediums this exhibition will bring a new objectivity to the idea of the tailor and their tools.